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Oriel College responsive email templates

Oriel College responsive email design

Communicating with their University of Oxford alumni

Arnie was delighted when we were asked to help Oriel College communicate upcoming events. As part of the University of Oxford they have a large global alumni. To reach everyone efficiently outside of Oxford our email design skills were used as the communication method of choice.

To maximise exposure and capitalise on open rates we used a range of responsive email design techniques. If you're new to responsive emails they change the way the content is display on different width devices. The email design will always looks great whatever client the end user views your emails on. Content is highly readable as you don't have to zoom or horizontal scroll on mobile devices.

Taking supplied initial designs we turned them in to 3 different width layouts. The narrowest layout is aimed at working on smart phones. Mid-size devices like Kindles render the medium layout and all other devices use the large layout.

To ensure everyone receiving the email had the same visual rendering the designs are thoroughly tested on over 70 different email platform/client combinations. Sending emails built by Arnie ensures your audience always receives an engaging email experience that promotes your brand and products.

See responsive emails in action

To see responsive emails in action try our online demo. Once the window opens you need to alter the width of your browser window to view the different platform layouts. For further information you can visit our responsive email design page.

Project images

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  • Responsive email June - December
  • Responsive email March - May

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