Responsive wireframe design demonstration

To test drive the responsive wireframe design demo just grab the right edge of the browser and decrease the windows width. This shows you how this design will work on mobiles, tablets, PC's and Macs. Note how everything scales, objects drop underneath so adequate reading space is available and the navigation changes from a horizontal basis to a vertical one.

The design is kept plain so we can generate responsive wireframes very quickly. It also allows you to visualise how your content will work without getting distracted.

When wireframes are used in conjunction with you web design mock ups you get a very real idea of how your site will be when completed.

Below is a button linked to an alert panel and the six service images are linked to a light box, feel free to click away. As always they are fully responsive to the width of the browser.

See an alert panel in action →

Call to action panel

As responsive wireframes are built using HTML you can link everything up so it works just like a real website. They're hosted on our server so you just need to distribute a URL to your team and everyone views the same thing.

I'm an alert panel


You can use me to deliver core messages in an interactive way or warn when something is not right.