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Energy My Way responsive email design

Responsive email design for Oxfordshire firm Energy My Way

Our email design helps email click rates

Energy My Way are one of the country's leading providers of renewable energy products and services. To communication with their opt-in customers the Award wining Oxfordshire firm use our email design in campaigns that promote new technologies, events and changes to energy legislation.

Arnie developed a responsive email design as a base template and build email content on an on-going basis. Responsive email templates are constructed to ensure maximum readability on any device that is used to view the email. The content and structure is manipulated to best fit the width of the display so no zooming to read is required on mobiles. This is important as industry figures state that over 50% of all emails are initially opened on mobile platforms. Responsive design also helps ensure participant engagement with good click rates.

Prior to sending all emails are put through a range of tests, ensuring all devices see the same rendering of the design. Emails are viewed on a much wider range of email clients than web pages and you cannot be sure what device your customers will use. We test on over 70 different platform/client combinations, from very old version of Outlook to obscure web mail platforms just to be sure.

Our services don't stop at just the emails design. In the first instance we want your audience to receive the email and at the right time. We also want your customers to be tempted in to opening it. Next we want it to look great on their email client and finally to engage further by clicking through to your website or by picking up the phone.

There's more to creating a successful email campaign than meets the eye. But with our knowledge of the medium and attention to detail we have achieved really good open and click through rates for Energy My Way.

Test drive responsive email design

To test drive one of Energy My Ways emails view our responsive email demo.

Once the window opens you need to alter the width of your browser window to view the different platform layouts. For further information you can visit our responsive email design page.

Project images

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  • Home Building Show email
  • Heat incentive email

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