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There are many solutions to getting your company online, one of the most popular is WordPress. Originally designed to create blogs, WordPress has developed in to a fully fledged web platform capable of powering today’s complex websites.

There are over 810 million WordPress installations currently in operation, around 43% of all websites.  Its rise in popularity is mainly due to the content management system (CMS) that drives it, the flexibility it gives and all the extras that plugin to its core system. The CMS is simple to use for basic sites and only becomes more complicated when you require more from your website.  The plugins range from fully fledged ecommerce and membership systems to simple items like connecting up to your email marketing provider.

To your audience a WordPress website looks just like any other website. They can be made using responsive web design techniques so are up to date in terms of design, functionality and usability.  With the right designer you also get great looking, professional web design that reassures customers of your brand.

There are a few aspects to consider when deciding to use a content managed system. The primary one is do I need it. If you are only going to make a few changes a year then it maybe more cost effective to consider a traditional responsive web design route. Other factors to take in to account are do I have the time and resources in house to make the changes. You should also consider if your company has the skills to keep your brands online presence looking professional.

Having the option of flexibility is generally what drives most of our clients to opt for a WordPress website, even though they let us manage most of the updates.  It gives them the ability to make small edits if they wish and let us do the major changes.

Like all systems using WordPress has some pros and cons. Because WordPress is a system it has to run on rules so can never be as flexible as a human web designer.  That said there is an ever expanding range of plugin extras that drastically reduce development time.  It makes WordPress a viable option for virtually all circumstances and budgets.

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WordPress can really make a difference to your companies online presence.  It can satisfy your current requirements and gives you unlimited options for future growth.  Even if you don’t have the time to spare to make updates yourself, WordPress may still be the best web solution for your web design project. Contact Arnie to learn about your options.

WordPress hosting

Your WordPress website is a company asset and requires protecting with robust, secure and fast web hosting, Arnie Design is partnered with WP Engine for all our WordPress projects, WP Engine are one of the leading providers of quality WordPress hosting, learn more about their hosting packages.

WP Engine, our WordPress hosting partner

WP Engine, our WordPress hosting partner