Web Hosting

Web hosting may sound complicated, but we take care of it so you dont have to

Web hosting can be confusing especially when you’ve got a business to run. With our managed web hosting packages we take care of your web, email and online databases. Contact us for more details.

A brief guide to web hosting

All projects that are accessed by the internet need to be hosted on a web server. Your domain name is pointed to this server and a combination of this address and the folder system makes up a URL, commonly referred to as a link. When your clients enter a URL they access the files hosted on your web server, which then get downloaded to their browser. Your web design gets rendered by the browser and hey presto a website appears on the users screen. This is the basics of a client / server model and takes only seconds to miraculously travel anywhere in the world. Most of the internets web traffic works in a way similar to this.

Email hosting

Email hosting works in a very similar way to web hosting, with emails sent to you being stored on an email server. They find their way to your server because your domain name forms the later part of the email address. The part before the @ symbol in the email address is used to send emails to different email accounts.

You access your email account by authenticating with an username and password.  After which the files are downloaded to a email client like Outlook.  The email design is then rendered by your email software. You can also access emails by logging in to a webmail system through your web browser.

Our WordPress web hosting partner – WP Engine

Arnie Design is proud to be partnered with one of the world’s leading providers of WordPress hosting, WP Engine for our WordPress projects.  Their systems can really make a difference in terms of the speed and  the security of your website.  Security is always desirable and speed is a vital aspect for customers and how search engines rank your website.  Why not learn more about their WordPress web hosting packages and get an exclusive discount.

WP Engine, our WordPress hosting partner

WP Engine, our WordPress hosting partner