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My Trip Travel Insurance mobile app

My Trip Travel Insurance mobile app

Design and build HTML mobile app for travel insurance brand

My Trip Travel Insurance asked Arnie to develop the front end interface of an HTML 5 app. The app will allow customers to compare many travel insurance policies and purchase online. It will be aimed at last minute buyers and marketed through air and sea port terminals. Customers get a quote, open an account and can purchase the policy in less than 5 minutes. In the event of an accident their policy documents are contained within the app, alleviating some of the stress of making a claim.

The technical side to this build posed some great challenges. The app needed to talk to the server to generate live quotes, manage accounts and take real time payments. We used AJAX, JSON and JQuery to communicate between the app and server. A token system was built to ensure up to date prices, policies and to ensure the app was secure.

Once the data was delivered we utilised two storage devices that HTML 5 browsers contain, local storage and the web SQL database. This allowed us to store much more data than a cookie based system that only the app could access. The data could then be queried and filtered on the fly using SQLite without causing any further server overheads.

The app has now been passed on to the development team for final integration. Once the comparison quote system is complete the app will be run through Phone Gap. This converts the HTML, CSS and JavaScript into apps for Apple, Android and Windows.

View the app

You can view and test the pre-assembly demo model of the My Trip Travel Insurance app here.

Use any fictitious email address and use a made up alpha numerical sequence for the password. You can add fake details to obtain a quote as no information is sent to the server in this demo. This is meant to run as a mobile app so just click on the 'Done' button when scrolling selectors show.

Project images

Click below images to see a full size version

  • Sign in to My Trip Travel
  • Forgot your My Trip password?
  • Welcome back
  • Great prices, get a quote
  • Quote summary
  • Travel insurance quote results
  • Buy online
  • Policy details

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