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The ACE Children's Centre responsive WordPress website

The ACE Centre Chipping Norton web design project

Create a WordPress website using responsive web design

The Ace Children's Centre and Nursery school based in Chipping Norton provides support, learning, health and development services to children and Parents. ACE needed a website that was not only built with responsive web design but was also responsive to their ever changing needs.

The tool of choice used during the web development was WordPress as it allowed them the flexibility to manage the sites content. All areas of the site from the navigation to the footer are controlled from the WordPress admin system. If you are new to WordPress you can find out more in our WordPress website section.

Responsive web design was also used to cater for the wide range of devices and web browsers used to view the website. This was especially important as young families may only have mobile devices.

Those of you lucky enough to live in the idyllic Oxfordshire region of Chipping Norton will know that the weather, especially snow, can play havoc in winter. The school required a web design that allowed them to publish vital information quickly and from home. Pre-made imagery was created and built in to an image slider and coupled to the news system. When snow or other emergencies arise the school can make this known on the home pages carousel with supporting content in the news section. It only takes a few minutes to change and helps prevent unnecessary and sometimes dangerous journeys to school.

With the wide range of services to promote the responsibility for managing the sites content was distributed between various departments. The department heads were provided with in house training thus ensuring a collective responsibility for the sites content. If the team get stuck we can access the site from our Oxfordshire web design studio and fix any items for the centre.

Project images

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  • ACE home page
  • ACE core experience page
  • Newsletter page
  • Forest school
  • Meet the staff

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