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ACSN cloud based authentication project

ACSN cloud based authentication platform

Create a responsive website to run on all devices

ACSN approached Arnie to develop a user interface for their cloud based authentication platform. The system is provided to third parties to authenticate users of their web based applications and services. It uses a two stage verification process that involves different types of registered communication to authenticate.

Its use is becoming more prevalent as more data is being used and abused online. You may have already used similar systems to log on to a secure website or social network.

Our involvement was to develop and integrate a responsive web design that bolted on to the authentication platform. It also needed to be multi branded as it would be used as part of a white label operation. For security reasons all web development was then completed by ACSN's in house team.

The user interface needed to scale to work effortlessly on mobiles up to full screen PC's and Macs. As you can see in the project images below, the pages in the site change dependant on the devices screen width. No zooming is ever required even on mobiles. This provides an easy to use experience for the user regardless of the device they choose to authenticate on.

As is the case with many projects we work on the brief poses a challenge to be overcome. In this case it was the disparate device and browser combinations used to authenticate. For example the system is used in many countries around the world with varying degrees of technology. Some nationalities use old versions of Microsoft Windows and therefore very old versions of Internet explorer. At the other end of the user spectrum is the use of high end smart phones and tablets.

Responsive web design techniques are a relatively new concept, whilst they pose no problems for modern devices they do for older non responsive clients. We provided a system that ran on 93.6% of internet enabled mobiles. Only series 40 browsers developed for mobiles 15 years ago could not be utilised. It worked on all the main web browsers down to Internet Explorer 7, PC's, Macs, Tablets Android, iOS and even Firefox OS.

The interface required no sniffing code that would require constant updating as new devices are released. It work seamlessly in responsive clients and used a fall back for those that could not support it. CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) provided most of the responsive logic with JQuery used to add extra finesse.

Project images

Click below images to see a full size version

  • Enter your activation code
  • Whoops, we need some errors fixed
  • Select your device
  • Now authenticate your device
  • Enter your pin number
  • Your pin does not match
  • Test you login
  • Success

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