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Becky Jewellery website design

Becky Jewellery website

Design and build a clean, fresh and contemporary website

Becky Jewellery needed to update their tired looking site with a new and fresh website to showcase their hand made jewellery. At the time of the build responsive web design was still a dream for web development to solve hence its traditional web design approach.

Becky Jewellery had two main aims they wished to be achieved. These were that the products were to be the main attraction and clients would be encouraged to get in touch. We took these aims and added to them the desire to create a contemporary design that gave a sumptuous feel without being overpowering.

For the websites background we manipulated a cropped image of a wedding dress. The light and shade of the satin gently added texture whilst keeping the site clean. Flat colours had gloss added to represent polished gem stones and subtle drop shadows gave depth.

Movement and interactivity were added through the use of slideshows and light boxes. These draw attention to the products and the oversize imagery showcase Becky's artesian skills.

Communication between potential clients was achieved by utilising an easy to use contact form. Now bespoke jewellery requests arrive in Becky's inbox as well as the odd complement about the website.

"I'm hugely happy with my website & get consistently commended on it!"
Becky Morgans

Formed as a complete solution the package also provided Becky Jewellery with their web hosting and email requirements.

Project images

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  • Becky Jewellery home page
  • Hade crafted rings page
  • Bespoke bracelets
  • Exhibitions page
  • Light box demonstration

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