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ShopSee the smart social shopping app developers

ShopSee the smart social shopping app developers

Response web design using WordPress

ShopSee are the creators of an ingenious app that combines shopping with social media services. The app allows you to tap in to data generated by participating stores and forward to your friends and family. Whilst you're trying on the latest outfit you can be getting advice back from your most trusted confidant. It generates a win, win scenario. For the store owners it means increased sales and reduced returns. For the end user it increases consumer confidence through peer review.

ShopSee are in the second phase of their business plan and commissioned Arnie Design to create a response web design using WordPress to reflect this. It is currently marketed at store owners as they are the first link in the chain. Once the app is prevalent in the market place the emphasis of the web design will change to become more consumer focused.

To allow ShopSee to alter the site during these early stages of their business plan a content management system was used in the sites creation. WordPress websites, originally the bloggers platform of choice has grown to become a site owner's most useful tool and with good reason. With an easy to use admin panel ShopSee can change general content with ease.

As with most of our recent builds responsive web design formed part of the site infrastructure. Response web design allows the site to be viewed in its full glory on mobiles, phablets, tablets, PC's and Macs. After all, you could not expect a mobile app company to not have a mobile enabled website.

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