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Tumblr social media theme design

The Blogit responsive web design theme

Blogit is a theme designed and built for the Tumblr social media network. It has a mobile first build principle that layers, adds and expands content and built in functions as screen size increases. The process known as responsive web design also means the theme looks great on all types of viewing devices

The theme is available in two versions, basic and pro. The pro version due for release later this year includes in addition to the basic setup: 3 different layout views, carousels, light box galleries, tooltips, banners and many more options.

Blogit is an additional layer to the output the social network provides. It allows the blogger to style and customise their blog without any HTML knowledge required. All the blogger needs to do is paste in the code, tweek the simple to use options and focus on adding great content like video, audio, images and copy.

Creating Tumblr themes brings a new set of challenges to the build process. No server side coding is possible except for the limited boolean switches created using Tumblrs custom code. We coupled the switches to client side JavaScript, JQuery and CSS to complete a feature rich theme.

Visit the Blogit demo site.

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Project images

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  • Blogit is responsive to all screen widths
  • Blogit features animated permalink, notes and sharing panels
  • Blogit is mobile enabled
  • You can create customizable about you panels with Blogit
  • You can also create custom pages

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