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CETA Insurance web design portfolio

Web design Chipping Norton

CETA gets help with website design, email design and SEO

Arnie has been supplying web design to Chipping Norton based, CETA Insurance for the last 5 years. In that time our web design knowledge has been "instrumental in helping to generating millions of pounds worth of online sales" - Adrian Waters, Technical Director.

CETA has provided us with some great web design challenges to overcome and also the opportunity to work with leading brands like: The Telegraph, Pickfords, Confused and Go Compare.

CETA is an insurance intermediary that operates hundreds of own brand online insurance websites. From their Chipping Norton offices in rural Oxfordshire website design forms a major part of the companies requirements. Arnie Designs main role was in the building of the branded websites and creating a seamless experience as the user progresses through the online quote systems.

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is a critical factor in all projects for CETA. Gaining web traffic through natural placement in Google means lower marketing costs. This was made possible by building to W3C standards, formulating internal linking strategies, targeting keyword content and applying best build practices for SEO.

Arnie Design also worked on many other large projects including building interfaces for their quotation systems. This is a major challenge as the designs needed to work across the vast array of products sold through hundreds of brands and white label sites.

Responsive email design is a vital tool for CETA in all its customer communications. We built all the email templates that accompany a customer's progress. From being a new prospect through to becoming a customer and on to renewal, our designs helped guide and retain custom. Arnie also built newsletter communications to reinforce the various brands.

One of the most inspiring projects to date was the creation of a travel insurance HTML app for the iPhone. You can learn more about this project on the My Trip Insurance app page.

Project images

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  • Interior Designers project
  • Compare Horse Insurance site
  • Discount Club project
  • Compare Horse Insurance site
  • Insure My Caravan
  • Motor Home project
  • CETA Customer Zone
  • Telegraph insurance quote system
  • Pickfords white label
  • Responsive email newsletters

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