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Using WordPress is a great way to manage the content of your website

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Content managed websites using WordPress

If you’ve got the resources to manage your websites content then WordPress maybe the right solution for you. Get in touch to learn more.

There are many solutions to getting your company online, one of the most popular is WordPress. Originally designed to create blogs WordPress has developed in to a fully fledge platform capable of powering today’s complex websites.

Over 60 million WordPress installation are currently in operation, with its rise in popularity due to the content management system (CMS) that drives it. The CMS is simple to use for basic sites and only becomes more complicated when you require more from your website.

To your audience WordPress websites look just like any other website. They can be made using responsive web design techniques so are up to date in terms of design and usability.

There are a few aspects to consider when deciding to use a content managed system. The primary one is do I need it. If you are only going to make a few changes a year then it maybe more cost effective to consider a traditional responsive web design route. Other factors to take in to account are do I have the time and resources in house to make the changes. You should also consider if your company has the skills to keep your brands online presence looking professional.

Like all systems using WordPress has some pros and cons. Because WordPress is a system it has to run on rules so can never be as flexible as a human web designer. If however your requirements are not too demanding this should not pose a problem.

So you can get up to speed with taking control of your sites content we can provide you with WordPress user training. Usually one session will have you able to use the main functionality. We can always provide refresher courses later on should you require it.

Thinking of managing your sites content with WordPress?

Get in touch with Arnie to discuss WordPress content managed websites.